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NxtVn Data Center Parks

NxtVn is globally deploying its campus-style Data Centre Parks, augmented with the connectivity optionality offered by its open access and carrier neutral policy, creating an integrated offering of data center space and connectivity in one place.

NxtVn is building a global cluster of diversely-connected Data Centre Parks creating a unique natural habitat for all data center players, whether hyper-scale, single-tenant, colocation service providers or private cloud operators, where they can build, operate and grow their business in a reliable, scalable and secure ecosystem.

NxtVn’s flagship Data Centre Park in Finland was the starting point for its ambitious global deployment plan that has covered the Netherlands, France, Egypt so far and will be soon in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Tunisia and UAE. NxtVn is proud to announce its first US based Park in the emerging new digital hub on the US east coast, in Virginia Beach. NxtVn global cluster of Data Center Parks, augmented with NxtVn’s connectivity projects, has been globally recognized as a new move in the long-unchanged data center industry, offering excellent operational efficiencies and unprecedented go-to-market speed.

NxtVn® – Capturing the Next Generation Opportunities

Founded in 2014 with inherent entrepreneurial spirt, passion for innovation and ambitions that know no bounds, NxtVn is approaching the data center and connectivity industries with a new integrated infrastructure offering to serve the growing cloud computing industry. NxtVn Networks, the connectivity arm of NxtVn, is mandate to guarantee seamless connectivity between the Parks on open access and non-exclusive basis.

Being a young company, NxtVn benefits from its natural flexibility and agility. Drawing upon its seasoned team’s astuteness, sophistication and their diverse experience, NxtVn boasts a unique balanced combination of audacity and a risk-adjusted approach. NxtVn’s extensive network and its holistic global approach make it the natural partner for all data center players equally.